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Marine Energy

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Super Watt Wave Catcher Barge Moored Horizontally into Prevailing Waves
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Super Watt Wave Catcher Barge Moored Horizontally into Prevailing Waves
Marine Energy Marine Energy
Marine Energy Marine Energy
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Marine Energy Can Benefit Oil Companies

Offshore oil and gas production platforms are surrounded by a huge power source - the ocean itself - which oil and gas complexes can use for their main power source. When an oil company has a field that is no longer economical to operate, governments usually require the platform, its wells, and its pipelines be removed to 15 feet below the mud-line. This multi-million dollar "infra-structure," when removed, will probably be too expensive to be replaced in the future to recover the remaining oil still left in place, which may be as much as 90% of the original reserves.


Marine Energy Corporation can help supply the power that:

  • will allow oil and gas fields to be produced long after the reservoir pressure has dropped to an otherwise uneconomic level
  • can be used to run down-hole lift pumps, gas lift pumps, water injection pumps and compressors, etc.
  • can be used to increase recoverable reserves, revenue and rates of return
  • will allow gas to be sold that would otherwise be burned for fuel
  • will allow reservoir pressure and production rates to remain high longer
  • will lower carbon emissions taxes and speed governmental approvals thanks to lower operating carbon emissions
  • will reduce diesel and natural gas fuel burning, resulting in significant fuel and operating cost savings

We have systems that are capable of supplying Marine power to offshore platforms and to other industries both offshore and onshore. Please contact us if you would like to know more about these systems and to discuss ways of meeting your power generation goals.